Winners of Finspace awards announced as World Satellite Business Week draws to a close

Euroconsult announced the winners of its Finspace award during the final days of its flagship World Satellite Business Week in Paris.

Paris, Washington D.C., Montreal, Yokohama, Sydney, Toulouse, Wednesday 16th December, 2021. Euroconsult, the leading consulting firm specialising in the space sector and satellite markets, announced the winners of the Finspace competition at the 2021 World Satellite Business Week (WSBW) held at the Westin Hotel in Paris. A staple of the WSBW since its inception in 2017, Finspace acknowledges the year’s most avant-garde and innovative start-ups in the space sector.

Companies taking part in the Finspace competition benefit from an exceptional networking opportunity with Euroconsult’s executive level network in attendance at the event, as well as peer-level exchange of best-practices and experience. Finspace assesses companies from a comprehensive spectrum within the value chains of Satellite manufacturing or subsystems, Access to space, Satellite operations, Space traffic management and awareness, Ground segment & end user terminals, Downstream services (Satcom, EO, Information, Navigation) and Software.

Equally comprehensive in its composition is the Jury panel, which convenes respected experts capturing a broad spectrum of stakeholders from the financial perspective with Seraphim Capital CEO, Mark Boggett and Promus Ventures Founder, Mike Collett to the sustainability and government angles of Advisory Board Member, Jean-Jacques Dordain and Founder & CEO of ThrustMe, Ane Aanesland. Also contributing their technical expertise and market knowledge are Tina Ghataore, president of Mynaric USA and Pacome Revillon, CEO of Euroconsult.

Finspace awards companies in the Satellite Imagery and Analytics as well as the Satcom & Connectivity categories, allowing stakeholders have a look at up-and-coming innovators in core areas of the satellite value chain, from data acquisition to downstream applications and distribution.

Last year’s winners of the prestigious award were US based Kythera Space Solutions for the Satcom & Connectivity category, and UK firm SatelliteVU for the Satellite Imagery and Analytics Category. Kythera Space Solutions provides advanced satellite management software and solutions for commercial and government applications, while SatelliteVU offers satellite thermal imagery and this year went on to successfully raise $26m towards the launch of seven satellites that will help battle climate change.

This year, Sateliot was rewarded with the Satcom & Connectivity award for building the first LEO constellation based on the standard 5G protocol. CEO Jaume Sanperra accepted the award at World Satellite Business Week and stated, “The space sector, and more specifically the satellite sector, is undergoing a revolution. We see this prize not only a a Sateliot recognition but also a sign that the satellite sector is ready for the next step forward… the raising of standard solutions lead by SATELIOT 5G NB-IoT LEO satellite constellation that will effectively connect anywhere 5G NB-IoT standard devices directly from space”

Meanwhile, the Satellite Imagery and Analytics Category award went to HEO Robotics ,who ultimate goal is to provide the ressource map of the solar system, but uses the same technology today to inspect satellites and space debris in orbit.. Accepting the award on the night, William Crowe said, “All of the Finspace pitches this year were of incredibly high quality and we are honoured to have been chosen by the judging panel. We see this as a win for an exciting and inspiring future for the satellite business”.

Pioneers in their respective fields, these companies join a distinguished alumni network that benefit from the high-visibility of Euroconsult’s World Satellite Business Week to build new relationships with major space sector stakeholders.

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