Governments’ investment in space activities are increasing and shall reach $100 billion by the end of the 2020s.

More than 85 countries are now investing in space activities, with new “space” nations joining the community almost yearly. Leading space nations are pursuing various activities, ranging from space exploration and security, environment monitoring and population services, to the development of technology and industrial leadership. For emerging space nations, the support of national development priorities, sovereignty, and the building of local areas of expertise, are driving investment decisions.

Changes in the international framework, technology disruptions, and the transformation of the space ecosystem create new opportunities, but also imply that public decision makers reassess and adjust the space agenda more frequently.

Euroconsult has for over thirty years supported governments, space and defence agencies in their decision process for space programs and activities, and in their ability to optimize their programs and efficiency.

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A Sample of Our Recent Consulting Mandates

  • Assessment and strategic recommendations on the organization of national space activities for a government agency
  • Assessment of a new launcher program for a space agency
  • Value proposition analysis of lunar exploration initiatives for a government agency
  • Assessment of a spaceport development program for a government agency
  • Socio-economic benefit assessment of a space program
  • Space Surveillance and tracking assessment
  • Government Space Program Benchmark
  • Implementation plan of a new national space agency
  • Feasibility study for a new national satellite program
  • International comparison assessment of New Space policies