Promoting forward-thinking space leaders sharing their vision for the future

As of 2021, Euroconsult offers two webinar series to help the community stay connected throughout the year. 

While drawing on recent market intelligence reports and current market trends, the EC Insights webinar series looks at stakes, market impact and possible transformation that may lay ahead. Senior executives from the space sector and satellite enabled vertical markets ecosystem stakeholders are invited to share thoughts and experiences with the community/provide market insights and share their perspectives about the industry in talks with report Editor-in-Chiefs or Euroconsult executive team members. 

The CVisions webinar series is a one-on-one exchange between C-level leaders of the global satellite communications and information business and a Euroconsult executive team member. The talks originate in current topics allowing for world-class executives to share visions and insights, enabling the community to stay in touch between the yearly World Satellite Business Week editions. 






GVF Excellence Award Finalists
Celebration of 25 years of progress and contribution to society

10:00 AM EDT – 03:00 PM BST – 04:00 PM CEST

Speakers: Natale Lettieri, Chief Service Operations Officer, Eutelsat, Sharyn Nerenberg, Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Hughes Network Systems, Alison Horrocks, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer & Company Secretary, Inmarsat, Stuart Daughtridge, Vice President of Advanced Technology, Kratos Space, Training and Cybersecurity, Andrew Ruszkowski, Vice President O3b mPOWER Commercial Development, SES.
Moderators: David Meltzer, Secretary General, GVF & Pacome Revillon, CEO, Euroconsult.D





Perspectives on Ground Segment Digitalization


Frederik Simoens, CTO, ST Engineering iDirect 
Paul Tilghman, Senior Director of Spectrum Technologies, Microsoft Azure


Pacôme Revillon, CEO, Euroconsult

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