Space Industry

The Space Industry as defined here includes all the companies involved in the development of space assets, and of solutions to access to space. 

We anticipate that during the 2020 decade over 15,000 satellites will be launched into orbit, together with an increasing number of exploration missions. An industrial revolution is at play, with a transformation of the industrial process, and of the capabilities of the assets being designed. As the leading global consulting group fully dedicated to the space sector and satellite enabled vertical markets, Euroconsult is the reference for high-quality market knowledge worldwide, be it market intelligence, training, c-level events, or consulting on the space industry.

A sample of our activity in the field of space industry

consulting mandates completed
yearly international summits for leading space business executives
Satellite programs procurement & monitoring
years of publishing market intelligence reports

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A Sample of Our Consulting Expertise

  • Assessment of the prospects for a future launch capability for a government agency,
  • Business case assessment of commercial launch site
  • Assessment of the dynamics of the flexible payload products for an industrial company,
  • Due diligence of an equipment supplier for an investment fund,
  • Strategic foresight of long term launch demand for a government space agency,
  • Business model of reusable launcher
  • Market assessment of a large all electric satellite platform for an industrial company
  • Market analysis of electric thrusters technology for an industrial company
  • Digitalisation processes in the satellite industry for a government agency,
  • Commercialization studies for a set of innovative space solutions for a government agency,
  • Benchmark of several space solution concepts to support the entry strategy of an industrial company