Earth Observation

The Earth observation sector is undergoing a major transformation. 

The deployment of a variety of new sensors and constellations, together with innovation in the ground segment and in the treatment and distribution of data is coming along with the application of artificial intelligence to derive richer analytics and support change detection capabilities.

While the role of governments as systems owners and data and services users remain central, the ecosystem sees innovation coming from both established organizations and new entrants. Accelerated investments and innovations imply a continuous need for adaptation, and for transforming the new capabilities into benefits for end users while creating economic value for commercial entities.

Novaspace has over the last fifteen years built a leading expertise in the Earth observation ecosystem, supporting a diversity of public and private stakeholders in the different world regions.

A sample of our activity in the field of Earth observation


consulting mandates completed

reference market intelligence reports supported by exclusive databases since 2008
first edition of the Summit on Earth Observation Business (WSBW)

A Sample of Recent Consulting Mandates

  • Assessment of the prospects for the use of hyperspectral and infrared data
  • Support to the procurement of a military national earth observation system
  • Value Chain of Copernicus data and services for a national government
  • Vendor due diligence of an earth observation constellation program
  • Monitoring of the deployment of an earth observation ground segment
  • Due diligence of an earth observation and IoT service company for an investment fund
  • Satellite Optical System & Technology Trends Assessment for a service company