Connectivity is a major and fast changing application area for the space industry. 

Satellite based solutions complete and augment terrestrial networks to move toward a global broadband experience for both government and private users. With Terabits per second of capacity being added per year through infrastructure located in different orbits, the industry is subject to a major transformation. Digital, cloud and new communication standards are leading the ecosystem to innovate, and organizations to revisit their positioning and development strategies. 

Through its full range of services, Novaspace has supported strategic decision making for leading and emerging organizations in the field of connectivity on a global basis. Our clients include the full range of stakeholders; from civil government and defence agencies to industrial organizations, satellite operators, telecom operators, service companies, broadcasters, airlines, shipping companies, lenders and investors among others show us their trust.

A sample of our activity in the field of connectivity

Consulting mandates completed
of data points collected on satellite based connectivity and user dynamics
first edition of the Summit for Satellite Financing (WSBW)

A Sample of Recent Consulting Mandates

  • Due diligence assessment of a broadband constellation program for prospective lenders
  • Feasibility study for a new national satellite system
  • Due diligence of a maritime and land connectivity service company for an investment fund
  • Support to its IFC strategic planning for a leading airline
  • Support to the procurement of a satellite communication system
  • Monitoring of the development and launch of a military satellite system
  • Benchmark of satellite constellation capabilities for a network mobile operator
  • Feasibility study for of secured satellite communication program for a government agency
  • Strategic positioning review in the satellite communication industry for a telecom operator
  • Assessment of strategic technology trends in satellite connectivity
  • Monitoring of the building and launch of a broadband satellite system