New Space

The New Space regroups all the disruptive concepts and organizations that aim at developing new space activities or at transforming existing space infrastructure and services. 

Fundamentals of New Space include leveraging digital technologies, process automation and the search of a new level in efficiency. New space businesses have started to revolutionize a large part of the space activity. From access to space to exploration, to earth observation, IoT and connectivity, new initiatives are taking place throughout the ecosystem, with most impacts still to come. Governments are supporting these initiatives, and the building of new national capabilities.

A sample of our activity in the field of new space

Dedicated offer for startup requirements

Startup development support: market position, fund raising & grants

New space ecosystem & space project strategy for government agencies


First edition of Finspace
startup pitch competition (WSBW)

A Sample of Our Consulting Expertise

  • Demand assessment of the smallsat demand for multiple commercial micro, small launchers companies
  • Assessment of space quantum key distribution technology
  • Competitive positioning of a launch aggregator on behalf of the investor
  • Market analysis of the GEO comsat refueling market for an industrial company
  • Medium launcher due diligence assessment conducted for both prospective lenders and investors
  • In-orbit rendez vous trends and docking mechanism demand on behalf of an industrial company
  • Addressable market for space debris mitigation devices on behalf of space agency
  • Economics of Space Resource Utilization Study on behalf of space agency
  • Space situational awareness market assessment on behalf of multiple customers
  • Due diligence of a mega broadband constellation on behalf of lenders