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Expert oversight of the KOREASAT 6 satellite build will be provided by Satconsult to KT SAT

Satnews: Euroconsult‘s affiliate, Southern Aerospace & Telecom Consulting (Satconsult), has contracted with KT SAT to provide expert oversight throughout the build of the Koreasat 6A satellite — this contract marks the third time that KT SAT will place their trust in Satconsult’s depth of expertise to support the monitoring and control of the manufacturing process and advise on best practices from design through the testing of highly strategic spacecrafts.

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Smallsat’s supply chain woes

Supply chain issues are cropping up at an inflection point for the small satellite industry. Launch capacity is increasing alongside demand for Earth-observation data and satellite communications. Meanwhile, the ongoing miniaturization of electronic components enables manufacturers to build increasingly capable small satellites.

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Eutelsat, OneWeb CEOs Outline Plans for Combined GEO/LEO Entity

Via Satellite: Eutelsat and OneWeb have reached an agreement to combine, bringing together satellite assets in Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) for multi-orbit service. The companies announced the news early Tuesday, a day after sharing that talks were underway. Analysts told Via Satellite that they agreed with leaders from both companies that Eutelsat’s generative CapEx could help the combined company achieve its long-term goal of building a higher-capacity second-generation LEO constellation that competes with rival systems. […]

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What Happens Next in the Smallsat Revolution?

Via Satellite: An estimated 18,500 smallsats will launch between 2022 to 2031, yet the smallsat market presents a growing number of challenges such as limited market addressability, difficult profitability, oversupply, and concentration of the commercial market by a handful of established players.

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Euroconsult Projects NGSO to Make Up 90% of Capacity in 2026

Via Satellite: Euroconsult projects that satellites in Non-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO) will make up 90% of in-orbit capacity in 2026, a complete reversal of the situation from as recently as late 2020. The global high throughput satellite (HTS) capacity supply is expected to grow more than six times from 2021 to 2026, topping 60,000 Gbps of capacity, according to Euroconsult’s recently released “High Throughput Satellites” report. 

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Analyst Watch List: Constellations and Consolidation

Via Satellite: SATELLITE 2022 is expected to spark many talking points as the satellite industry gets together in force to debate the future of the industry.

In this analyst roundtable, Via Satellite talks to Brad Grady, president and COO of NSR; Pacome Revillon, CEO of Euroconsult; Daniel Welch, co-founder and senior consultant for Valour Consultancy; and Siddharth Shihora, senior associate for PwC to get their major talking points for the show.

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Increasing demand for EO Data will drive the industry

Geospatial World: Can you tell us about the current transformation in the space sector? In terms of the major transformations in the sector, the first one is the number of satellites. Just next year, we should have over 400 satellites in orbit delivering an extensive variety of data. This comes together with major agreements, an increasing level of maturity of data platforms in the Cloud, and an increasing number of automated process to add layers and facilitate the development of services for public and private end users.

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