Third Party Event Organizer

Building high-level encounters and exchanges

Over the years, Euroconsult has established an outstanding reputation for creating and organizing summits. Our qualifications for providing services concerning the organization of events such as workshops and/or webinars on behalf of external customers are combined with the specific expertise and experience developed by Euroconsult in the organisation of professional events for the space sector.
Through our internal skills in events, digital and marketing we place ourselves as an organizer of our own events, but also as a co-organizer or external service provider, mastering all aspects of the event from design to delivery, including global management and content management when necessary. Recognized for our expertise in the field, we benefit from the confidence of major players and international organizations to support them and develop quality events.

In-Person Events Expertise

Since 1997, we organize a series of high-level global and regional or thematic conferences ranging from a one-day seminar to a 5-day international summit bringing together decision-makers in the sector. The format always includes a top-level conference featuring senior executive speakers and delegates who meet to benchmark, exchange viewpoints on issues that the industry is facing and strike major deals. Summit venues are chosen to create a personal setting which lends itself to the networking and business meeting which are an integral part of each event. Each of the events we organize has developed over the years a reputation as a must-attend event where key leaders from across the value chain can come together and help shape the future of the industry.

This specific expertise developed over the last 30 years allow us to get direct and privileged access to the most renowned companies and Executives. Our flagship event, the World Space Business Week, gathers every year over 1,000 top level participants across 50+ countries and representing all segments of the space business. These summits are key opportunities to update and enlarge your contact list of key space players internationally.

In person events expertise

Virtual events expertise

In 2020, given the health conditions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to demonstrate responsiveness by switching two of our events, including the major summit World Satellite Business Week, to an entirely virtual format.

Simple Formats

We have the internal resources and tools to organize simple virtual events with a single schedule, whether it is livestreaming (live) or pre-recorded content.  

Since 2020, we have been organizing a series of webinars allowing the broadcasting of live and replay content, through digital tools.

Complex Formats  

We also have expertise on more complex events which we demonstrated during the last edition of the Word Satellite Business Week which was held virtually in November 2020.

The event took place over 3 days, in a completely virtual format, presenting a conference program on two parallel live streams, broadcasted from a digital platform allowing interaction between delegates, speakers and sponsors. The format of the event mixed live and pre-recorded content, with pre-recorded video integration allowing the promotion of the sponsoring companies.

During this event, we orchestrated live interventions from two recording studios set-up in our premises in Paris and with speakers from all over the world.

The quality of the virtual event organized was praised by a demanding audience, including the participants, speakers, and sponsors.

Altogether we provide a unique value including proven capability in managing large and complex events projects for international government institutions including different references listed below. 

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