Euroconsult Opens Aussie Office to Help Grow Local Space Industry

Paris, Washington D.C., Montreal, Yokohama, Sydney, May 19 2021 – Euroconsult is opening a representative office in Australia to serve local and international clients in the fast growing Australian space sector, further expanding its global market reach.

As part of recent work carried out on the Australian space market, including an assessment for Austrade on the development of potential Australian launch capabilities, Euroconsult had the opportunity to witness the dynamism and energy of Australia’s space sector first-hand. This vitality has been catalysed by a renewed vision for the country to play a more substantial role in global space, resulting in a flourishing local space industry and an ambitious national space strategy. Euroconsult is now committing to join the Australian space ecosystem to support government and private sector decision makers in their strategic development of national capability.

Euroconsult has appointed Dr Tim Parsons, a leader within the Australian space community, to act as local representative director. “Attracting a blue-chip space intelligence group like Euroconsult to join Australia’s space ecosystem is a big vote of confidence in our collective efforts to build a world-class space sector,” said new Euroconsult Australia representative director Dr Tim Parsons, who is also Chair of the peak national industry body the Space Industry Association of Australia. “I’m incredibly humbled and proud to represent Euroconsult in this market, and look forwards to helping local, regional and international clients make the most of the firm’s 30-year history of providing the highest levels of quality commercial space consulting, training, and competitive intelligence.”

“We’re excited to be opening an ‘Aussie’ presence, joining the exciting and growing space ecosystem here to advise new and existing clients on global and regional space sector trends,” said Euroconsult global CEO Pacôme Revillon. “We especially look forwards to playing a key role in helping Australian suppliers join other space supply-chains around the world, unlocking new opportunities to achieve Australia’s ambitious national 2030 space growth targets, to triple in revenues and create 20,000 new high-tech jobs,” he added.

“Establishing our long-term presence in the country is fully aligned with the strategic global development implemented by Euroconsult over the last 15 years that led to the creation of our local offices in Canada, the US and Japan.” commented Euroconsult global COO Steve Bochinger. “Tim has been a leading advocate for Australia to leverage its geopolitical position and technical capability to grow an advanced space industry, and we’re very excited that he’s representing us in Australia.”


About Tim Parsons

Dr Tim Parsons is Chair of the board of Australia’s peak space industry group the Space Industry Association of Australia, as well as of SmartSat CRCs Aurora space cluster. A deep tech-focused angel investor, facilitator, and engineering mentor who consults widely for clients in space, digital and startup entrepreneurship, Tim holds a BSc in Computer Science and Applied Maths from the University of Sydney, a BEng and PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Imperial College, London, and is married with two children to Art Director Karen Lee.

About Euroconsult

The Euroconsult Group is a leading international consulting and market intelligence firm specialized in high technology industries, with expertise in the space industry, satellite-based applications, aero connectivity, information and data services. Privately owned and fully independent, we have over thirty years of experience developing comprehensive market intelligence programs and working with private companies and government entities, providing end-to-end consulting services, from project strategy definition to implementation, bringing data-led perspectives on the most critical issues. The Euroconsult Group is trusted by 600 clients in over 50 countries. The Group is headquartered in France, with offices in the U.S., Canada, Japan and Singapore and now Australia!

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