SpaceX Satellite Network Faces Canadian Competition

Managing Director of Euroconsult Canada, Nathan de Ruiter, was asked to shed light on some of the technical aspects of implementing megaconstellations, with a particular look at OneWeb, SpaceX’s Starlink and Telesat, in this article published by Forbes.

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[Excerpt] SpaceX’s Starlink constellation has Canadian competition. Satellite communications firm Telesat is working on its own low-Earth orbit constellation — and that’s not the only other company competing in this growing playing field.

Telesat’s constellation was recently highlighted in Canada’s long-awaited space strategy. The Canadian Space Agency said the global constellation will give “access to high-speed broadband Internet globally, including rural and remote areas of Canada.” The far north of Canada faces many of the same challenges as areas of Africa and Asia, all of which are far from cities and at times face difficulties in getting online.

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