Op-ed | Hyperspectral to diversify constellation projects: The new El Dorado?

[Excerpt] Commercial hyperspectral is entering the market with the first two low-cost satellite systems having already been deployed. The main challenge is the same as for optical multispectral or SAR constellations – to build cost-effective systems that can provide high-revisit data for building change detection analytics. More specifically for hyperspectral systems, the challenge lies in finding the sweet spot between spatial and spectral resolution, as well as the number of bands and the right spectrum bands to create new commercial applications.

We have identified more than 10 hyperspectral companies that have announced plans to develop commercial constellations over the next five years. However, two key historical barriers have to be overcome for Hyperspectral Imaging to break into the mainstream commercial market: the cost of data and processing complexity. “What is promising is that these are the same barriers that are successfully being overcome by SAR companies such as Iceye”, said Alexis Conte, Editor of the Earth Observation Data and Services Market research report and Senior Consultant at Euroconsult.

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