Ground Segment Moves Toward More Flexible Equipment to Meet New Satcom Requirements

Via Satellite: The space segment has been undergoing a major transformation for a number of years now. Earth observation is moving towards a constellation approach, populating new orbit inclinations and altitudes and diversifying sensors. Connectivity-focused space systems are now invading the Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) orbit with broadband constellations and payloads in all orbits are offering more capacity and higher flexibility.

Right in the middle of the equation transmitting, collecting, and distributing data, the ground segment is also going through its own revolution. New value creation and CapEx efficiency are at the heart of this journey, which shall see a transformation of the solutions and of the ecosystem at large.

This is the second part of a Euroconsult series reviewing the dynamics and prospects for the ground segment for different vertical segments. This piece covers the ground segment market for the connectivity segment. Read the first part — Ground Segment Manufacturers Face Changes to Leverage Constellation Potential — in the May edition.

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