Euroconsult: Pandemic does little to slow smallsat sector

SAN FRANCISCO – The space sector in general has proven resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Alexandre Najjar, Euroconsult senior consultant, said Aug. 12 during a Small Satellite Conference side panel.

The pandemic presented challenges for startups grappling with facility closures and production disruptions, but industry leaders tended to fare well.

Early in the pandemic, Najjar who edits Euroconsult’s annual report on the small satellite market, was concerned that governments would turn away from space initiatives to address healthcare and other concerns. He also worried the pandemic would slow progress at startups, postponing revenue generation.

Instead, governments around the world continued to increase spending on space initiatives.

“Worldwide, the space expenditures of governments are steadily increasing and are expected to keep increasing over the next few years, both on the civilian side and on the defense and military side,” Najjar said.

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