Euroconsult North America awarded lunar exploration initiatives analysis contract

[Excerpt] The Canadian Space Agency has awarded a contract to Euroconsult for the Business Case and Value Proposition Analysis to Identify Possible Canadian Contributions to Future International Lunar Exploration Initiatives.

The contract is worth $328,027. The CSA described the work as follows;
The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) requires under this Request for Proposals (RFP)/Statement of Work (SOW), the services of external consultants to provide a 3-phased comparative business case and value proposition analysis of Canada’s potential to develop and deliver key capabilities and/or essential services to an international space exploration campaign that will explore the Moon and establish a sustained human presence on the lunar surface. This study will assess options for the next large Canadian mission contribution to lunar exploration initiatives and propose courses of actions, including concept studies for technologies within those business domains that show the most promise of maximizing benefits for Canadians. This funding opportunity is part of the Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program (LEAP).

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