Epic Aerospace, A Y Combinator Space Startup, Is Building A Satellite Transportation Network

[Excerpt] The barrier to entry for commercial space activity remains prohibitively high for entrepreneurial efforts to take place routinely. Jeff Bezos spoke at the Yale Club in New York City, highlighting the immense financial obstacles needed to make commercial space entrepreneurship a regular pursuit.

In his February 19th address to the audience, he stated that right now, “You can’t have a Mark Zuckerberg of space today,” because the “price of admission is too high.” While Bezos’s comments occurred earlier this year, he ought to know that there is a ‘Mark Zuckerberg of space’ furiously working to make his impact on space. His name is Ignacio Alejandro Belieres Montero. Montero, a 21-year-old Stanford University dropout, has started Epic Aerospace, a space transportation network startup. Epic Aerospace manufactures space tugs that are used to help insert satellites into their proper geosynchronous orbit. The San Francisco- and Buenos Aires-based company has recently closed their seed round.

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