Vincent Astier

Engineering Director - Satconsult

Vincent Astier is the Director Engineering of Satconsult, with expertise on program management, satellite, and launch system engineering. Over 20 years, he acquired in depth knowledge and practice of engineering development, integration and testing of space systems, and proven experience in preparing and executing work programmes and development plan on complex space and ground systems under schedule, quality, and cost constraints. On the different projects he contributed, he also gathered front line experience in negotiation of complex agreement and contracts.
Since joining Satconsult in 2014, Vincent has worked as Program Manager leading the consulting program to support the on-site monitoring of the design construction and test of a geostationary telecommunication satellite in Japan. As Program Manager and Satellite/Platform/Launcher Expert, he has also supported or led procurement of satellite systems (both observation and telecommunication) as well as launch services. He also has supported technical audit of capabilities (launcher, satellite, ground stations, launch centre), as well as due diligence. As Program Manager he contributes to the preparation of consulting proposal (statement of work, staffing, costs & price evaluation). Prior to joining Satconsult, Vincent worked in the satellite manufacturing industry in MDA Information Systems as Satellite/Platform/Launcher Interface System Engineer and Manager of the MDA Representative Office in ISS Reshetnev in Russia. In the first part of his career, Vincent worked for the launcher manufacturing industry (ArianeGroup) before joining the launch services (Starsem, Arianespace) where he became Soyuz Fregat Launch System Expert, managing the industrial subcontractor for the definition, production, adaptation, development, qualification, test and operation of the Soyuz-Fregat launch vehicle. Vincent has faced several challenging situations either due to major delay (crash program e.g. Soyuz 2 qualification), multiples and severe failures. Managing complex programs involving entities with conflicting interests has built his extensive people management experience. Many of positions that he occupied implied a regular support, reporting and advising to high management. He has proven ability to analyse, synthesise and communicate complex issues verbally and in writing; to prepare and perform presentation to highest level for situation assessment, strategy and road mapping, critical decision making. All along his career, he worked and led teams in cross functional organization and in an international and multicultural environment. He collaborated with military forces, commercial entities, governmental entities, space agencies (Europe, South America, GCC). Vincent holds a Master of Electrical Engineering from the French Engineering School “Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité – SUPELEC” with a major in Signal Processing, Information and Measurement Systems. He speaks fluently French, English, and Russian.