Maxime Puteaux

Principal Advisor

Since joining Euroconsult in 2012, Maxime manages consulting and research assignments related to space industry activities such as launch and manufacturing for leading and emerging stakeholders. Maxime has managed and contributed to more than 90 consulting missions including for government institutions, industry players and investors covering commercial due diligence, launch market analysis, satellite and constellation forecasting and strategic foresight.
On the research side, Maxime is the editor in chief for Euroconsult’s research report Satellites to Be Built and Launched and supervises the report Prospects for the Small Satellite Market. Prior to joining Euroconsult, he worked as a young graduate trainee at CNES and participated in the ISU Space Studies Program. Maxime holds a Master’s Degree from the Institute of Space and Telecom Law (Paris Saclay) and graduated from the Institute of Air & Space Law of McGill University (Montreal).