Euroconsult & SpaceTec Partners Merge to Form Novaspace - The Global Leading Consulting Firm in the Space Sector

Novaspace represents the combined strength of Euroconsult and SpaceTec Partners, a united force committed to promoting forward thinking and supporting decision-making for all space stakeholders.

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Empower Your Space Sector Growth with Our Suite of Services.

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Maximize Your Technology Investments with Our Suite of Services, Tailored for Both Space and Ground Segments.

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Our Executive Summits offers an exclusive series of annual gatherings, uniting industry leaders worldwide through influential global summits and customized regional executive conferences.

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Euroconsult and SpaceTec Partners unite to create Novaspace, the premier global consulting firm in the space sector. This strategic merger brings together the distinctive strengths of both entities, significantly amplifying our international presence and service capabilities. Novaspace is dedicated to delivering an integrated value proposition crafted to meet the dynamic and evolving demands of the global space industry. Our mission is to empower decision-makers within the public and private sectors with strategic and technical insights, enabling them to navigate and seize new opportunities within the rapidly evolving space sector. Novaspace presents an expanded portfolio of services, featuring a diverse and comprehensive range of offerings. Through this merger, we’ve combined expertise in management and technology consulting, top-tier executive summits, and market intelligence. For further information, visit

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Providing independent assessments and decision-making assistance to the institutional, industrial, and financial organization in the entire space value chain and satellite enabled vertical markets is at the core of our business. Euroconsult is the reference for high-quality market knowledge worldwide, be it market intelligence, training, c-level events, or consulting.


Connectivity is a major and fast changing application area for the space industry.

Earth Observation

The earth observation sector is undergoing a major transformation.


Governments’ investment in space activities are increasing and shall reach $100 billion by the end of this decade.

Ground Segment

Ground segment consolidates the assets being used on Earth to operate, send and collect information streams from satellite systems.

New Space

The New Space regroups all the disruptive concepts and organizations that aim at developing new space activities or at transforming existing space infrastructure and services.

Space Industry

The Space Industry as defined here includes all the companies involved in the development of space assets, and of solutions to access to space.

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Standardization is key for enabling democratization of optical communications technology

Brussels, Hong Kong, Montreal, Munich, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toulouse, Washington D.C. April 30th Novaspace, a merger between Euroconsult and SpaceTec Partners, the leading space consulting and market intelligence firm, anticipates that standardization will drive democratization, catalyzing the fast-paced technological evolution of optical communications and the market. Government-supported standardization efforts, such as the SDA program, have been conducted to drive down costs and enable larger adoption of laser communications technology, which for the moment, remains costly.

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