Sylvie Bellin

Consultant – Paris

Bellin Sylvie Consultant Paris

Sylvie Bellin is a Consultant at Euroconsult. Since joining the firm in 1987, Sylvie has worked on over 100 consulting missions, specializing in space policy, budgets, and programs for civil, defense, and security. She also contributes to data collection and management, especially for public space programs, industry, and Earth observation

Sylvie’s assignments and skills extend to market positioning of space products, manufacturers and launch service providers. She also contributes to Euroconsult’s research program, specifically on recurring reports including Government Space Programs, Satellites to be Built and Launched, and Prospects for Space Exploration.

Sylvie holds a Master 2 in European economics from the University of Picardy’s Department of Economics and Management and a Master’s Degree in Information Research & Management from CNAM in Paris