Tutorial: How to participate in the European Space Technology Harmonisation?

Adding comments

1) Open the Sharepoint link sent by email. This will lead you to a page similar to the one below:

2) Click on the three dots icon, on the right of the document

3) Download the document on your computer

4) On your computer, open the document with Adobe Reader: right click on “Open With”, and select the right Software
“Adobe Reader”. If you do not have Adobe Reader, please download it, it is
free !

5) When you want to comment on a specific part of the document, click on “Add sticky note” at the top menu, or use the
Ctrl+6 shortcut.
Once you write your comment, click on “Post” – Repeat this action for every comment you want to add on the document

6) Once all your comments are added, please save your document under a new name, by adding your initials.
For instance, John Doe would name the document containing his comments under “Draft Harmonisation Workplan 2022_JD”

7) Go back to the Sharepoint folder (link sent by email) and upload your document by clicking on “Upload”

Sharing with a colleague

1) Open the Sharepoint folder (link sent by email) and click on the “share tool” symbolized by an arrow.

2) Add the email address of your colleague (if located in Europe), write a short message (not mandatory) and click on