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Unparalleled expertise in assessing trends in the satellite industry

Euroconsult collects, updates and assesses on a yearly basis detailed market, industry, policy, program and financial information in the international space sector. We developed proprietary databases and forecast models that are systematically applied and are central to the publication of thematic research reports. With over a dozen reports published every year, our research has been used as a key reference tool for three decades by most public and private stakeholders involved in the sector.

All Euroconsult reports have, at their core, data derived from over 30 years of tracking all levels of the satellite/space value chain. To this we add dozens of dedicated industry interviews each year, along with the continual revision of our data models, and the collection and interpretation of company press releases and financial filings. Our consultants have decades of experience interpreting and analysing our proprietary databases in light of the broader value chain.

When you purchase research from Euroconsult, you receive thousands of data points and the expert interpretation of what this means for specific verticals and sectors of the satellite value chain, including forecasts based on years of data and highly refined models.

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Available Research Titles

(FORMAT: RR = Research Report, ER = Executive Report, PS = Profile Series)

Prospects for In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity3Q20ER€ 5,000downloaddownload
Satellite Connectivity and Video Market3Q20ER€ 7,000downloaddownload
Prospects for the Small Satellite Market3Q20ER€ 5,000downloaddownload
China Space Industry2Q20ER€ 5,000download download
Prospects for Maritime Satellite Communications1Q20ER€ 5,000downloaddownload
Prospects for Space Exploration1Q20ER€ 5,000downloaddownload
Database of Connected Aircraft1Q20ER€ 4,000download
High Throughput Satellites: Vertical Market Analysis & Forecasts1Q20ER€ 5,000downloaddownload
The Space Economy Report (formerly known as Satellite Value Chain)4Q19ER€ 4,000downloaddownload
Satellites to be Built & Launched by 20284Q19ER€ 6,000downloaddownload
FSS Capacity Pricing Trends4Q19RR€ 4,000downloaddownload
FSS Operators: Benchmarks & Performance Review4Q19RR€ 4,500downloaddownload
Satellite-Based Earth Observation4Q19RR€ 6,000downloaddownload
Government Space Programs: Benchmarks, Profiles & Forecasts to 20282Q19PS€ 6,000downloaddownload
Ground Segment Market Prospects: Forecasts to 20282Q19ER€ 4,500downloaddownload
Prospects for L-Band, IoT & M2M Markets3Q17ER€ 4,500downloaddownload
SatCom for Defense & Security1Q17ER€ 4,500downloaddownload
Trends & Prospects for Emerging Space Programs3Q16ER€ 4,000downloaddownload
Top NewSpace Startups to Watch3Q16ER€ 4,000downloaddownload
Prospects for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems2Q16ER€ 4,000downloaddownload
Earth Observation: Defense & Security1Q16ER€ 4,000downloaddownload



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With a corporate subscription, you can choose research products of interest and the type of license you wish to obtain (Single User License or Enterprise License). Benefits of such an agreement include:

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Corporate subscriptions are tailored to our customers; they are fully flexible according to your needs. Three sample subscription plans are given below to illustrate the benefits. Please contact us for more information.

2020 Pricing

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Pay as you use

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€ 25,000

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€ 45,000

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€ 75,000

  • All reports
  • Enterprise

** Briefing & travel costs would be charged separately