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Winners of annual awards for excellence in satellite communications announced as the 2021 World Satellite Business Week gets underway in Paris

Paris, Washington D.C., Montreal, Yokohama, Sydney, Monday 13th December, 2021. Euroconsult, the preeminent consulting and intelligence firm specialising in the space sector and satellite markets, has revealed the first recipients of its 2021 Annual Awards for Excellence in Satellite Communication. In parallel to its flagship executive-level space summit, the 2021 World Satellite Business Week held at the Westin Hotel in Paris, Euroconsult will reveal category winners up until the event’s conclusion on December 16th. World Satellite Business Week brings together over 180 top-executive speakers from almost 40 countries to share their experience and perspectives of the industry.

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New satellite market forecast anticipates 1,700 satellites to be launched on average per year by 2030 as new entrants and incumbents increase their investment in space

Paris, Washington D.C., Montreal, Yokohama, Sydney, Toulouse, 8th December – Euroconsult has released its “Satellites to be Built & Launched” report for 2021, the latest edition in a series that has consistently set the industry benchmark for analysis of the satellite market. The 17,000 satellites expected to be launched in the next ten years represents a fourfold increase over past decade, reflecting structural changes in the whole space ecosystem and a limited short-term impact of the pandemic.

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Towards a $7.5b earth observation data & service market by 2030

Paris, Washington D.C., Montreal, Yokohama, Sydney, Toulouse – The Earth Observation (EO) market has undergone shifts in financing, with optical constellation operators going public to accelerate their deployment and to develop new services. Furthermore, the EO market experienced a payload diversification with emerging constellation operators offering new types of data (hyperspectral, infrared, etc.), thus expecting to unlock new markets and value-added services (VAS). Leading global strategists at Euroconsult provide an in-depth analysis of the data and services market in a new edition of their Earth Observation: Data & Services Market report.

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Finalists announced for Euroconsult’s 2021 Finspace awards

Paris, Washington D.C., Montreal, Yokohama, Sydney — Industry leading global strategy consultancy and market intelligence firm Euroconsult have announced the six companies that have been shortlisted for their 5th annual Finspace competition. Part of this year’s World Satellite Business Week, the Finspace initiative recognizes and celebrates the achievements of innovative startups from across the space sector

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New symphonie takes collaborative approach to european commission call for connectivity

Paris, Rennes, Washington D.C., Montreal, Yokohama, Sydney – A recently established collaboration between more than twenty European space sector companies has been assembled in response to a European Commission call for tenders entitled “New Space solutions for long-term availability of reliable, secure, cost-effective space based connectivity”. The consortium, known as New Symphonie, is being led by UNSEENLABS and EUROCONSULT and was set up specifically for the call, which has been launched by the European Commission with assistance by from its Directorate General Defence Industry and Space (DG DEFIS).

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NGSO Constellations Continue to Gain Momentum, Satellite Connectivity & Video Market Expected to Double Over Next Decade

Paris, Washington D.C., Montreal, Yokohama – In its flagship report on the Satellite Connectivity and Video Market, leading international consulting and market intelligence firm, Euroconsult projects the market value to double between 2020 to 2030. Driven primarily by non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) satellite constellations, by 2030, the satellite connectivity and video market is projected to exceed $20 billion. NGSO capacity accounts for more than 75 percent of the projected market growth in the next decade.

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