News from Euroconsult’s World Satellite Business Week

A Glimpse of World Satellite Business News

The elephant in the room at many space conferences, the subject everyone acknowledges but no one touches, is of course the money — whence it comes, where it goes.

Not so at Euroconsult’s annual World Satellite Business Week in Paris, this year set for Sept. 14-18. It’s all about the money. “Don’t ask me about financing, I’m an engineer,” doesn’t play well here, although we’re nonetheless likely to hear a bit of that.

Over the years, the conference has expanded to include an Earth observation strap-on to the main telecommunications-centered meeting. Recent events suggest that the geo-information services sector doesn’t suffer from the same aversion to mergers and acquisition that bedevils the satcom sector, especially in the emerging markets.

This year’s sessions also include newly prominent aeronautical broadband players including Gogo, Global Eagle, Panasonic Avionics and Live TV.

We’ll be providing regular updates of the proceedings throughout the week:

Intelsat Protests DISA Bandwidth Award to Inmarsat

SES Betting on SpaceX, Falcon 9 Upgrade as Debut Approaches

Investors Grow Bearish on Fixed Satellite Services

Lockheed Seeks One More Atlas 5 Commercial Launch in ‘Tight’ 2016

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