Analyst Watch List: Constellations and Consolidation

Via Satellite: SATELLITE 2022 is expected to spark many talking points as the satellite industry gets together in force to debate the future of the industry.

In this analyst roundtable, Via Satellite talks to Brad Grady, president and COO of NSR; Pacome Revillon, CEO of Euroconsult; Daniel Welch, co-founder and senior consultant for Valour Consultancy; and Siddharth Shihora, senior associate for PwC to get their major talking points for the show.

What do you think will be the biggest talking points for SATELLITE 2022?

Revillon: Three topics that we see of importance would likely turn around constellations and changes in the ecosystem. The start of service of new broadband constellations; sustainability of space operations; and mergers and acquisitions, with the trend likely to continue this year, including after the massive fundraising in the industry.

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