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2020: A Turning Point for Chinese Commercial Space

Via Satellite: Space in China has historically been associated with the state, and for good reason. The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) has been synonymous with space in China. With CASC being owned by the Chinese government, this has meant that effectively the entirety of the Chinese space industry, up until 2014, was CASC.

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China’s Plan to Conquer the Moon, Mars and More

The Wall Street JournalThis summer the planets favorably align for spacecraft to reach Mars with the least amount of fuel. China is among the countries undertaking the mission while working on bigger ambitions that could one day challenge the U.S.’s leadership in space.

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Challenges of Maritime Connectivity at Dawn of a New Satcom Era

MSUA: The Covid-19 crisis has forced billions of citizens throughout the globe to experience a lockdown situation. This has highlighted our constant need to be connected. This need for broadband links is not only for leisure or welfare purposes but also to maintain a business continuity. It has proven to be true at sea as it is on the ground.

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