Collaborating on a Satellite Policy with the Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport

February 20, 2017

The context

Mexico has been an active player in the space sector for over 30 years. Satellites play an important role for the country in attaining its objectives with regards to economic growth, social inclusion, technology development as well as defense and civil protection. Through government and industry initiatives, the Mexican satellite sector has seen considerable growth, generating increasing benefits for the country.

The Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport (Secretaría de Transportes y Comunicaciones - SCT) considers it necessary to formulate a satellite policy that will facilitate future decision making, address challenges and mutations within the market, set clear objectives and federate national stakeholders.

The approach

The Ministry asked Euroconsult to draft a satellite policy, taking into account previous versions of the document, the views of key national stakeholders as well as international best practices.

Working closely with the Ministry, Euroconsult implemented the following approach:
1. Collecting information on the national context and that of other countries. This included holding interviews with key national stakeholders (public and private organizations) to engage them in the process and obtain their inputs.
2. Reviewing existing versions of the Policy and benchmarking them with a selection of other countries in order to recommend domains of improvement based on international best practices.
3. Writing the draft satellite policy on the basis of this investigation.


The satellite policy defines the vision, objectives and lines of actions of the Mexican government for its national satellite sector. It will be used as a basis for the Mexican satellite program and future satellite initiatives.

On February 10, 2017, the draft Mexican Satellite Policy was released for public consultation by the Ministry and is open for comment until February 25, 2017. To access it, please click the link below.