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Hosted Payloads: The View From Within Maximize

Hosted Payloads: The View From Within

Hosted Payloads: The View From Within. Risks, opportunities, challenges & requirements related to hosted payloads.
 | Published May  2012

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Hosted Payloads: the View From Within assesses government payloads on commercial spacecraft. The report is based on an extensive consultation process including over 40 interviews with top government and private executives. An exhaustive stakeholder survey identifies and assesses corresponding and conflicting perspectives from eight key stakeholders:

  • satellite operators
  • satellite manufacturers
  • launch service providers
  • satellite services providers
  • law firms and insurers
  • space agencies and government agencies
  • defense and security agencies
  • science and research institutes

Highlights from the report:

Following discussions with the Hosted Payload Alliance, Euroconsult decided to pursue development of a report on government-funded secondary payloads on a commercial satellite. This report identifies the hosted payload launches in the past as well as the hosted payloads currently contracted to be launched before 2015.

Although the hosted payload concept dates back to the early seventies, it has only recently turned into a hot debate, with the establishment of industry associations augmenting awareness of the benefits of hosted government payloads on commercial satellites. In parallel, leading industry players are heavily promoting their own hosted payload capability. Due to budget restraints, government agencies around the world are increasingly open to adopting the hosted payload concept. As a result, the requirements for government and industry related to hosted payloads are converging.

Report elements:

  • Over 100 pages
  • More than 50 full page graphs and tables
  • PDF, Excel & PPT Files
  • Executive Summary

Key trends, drivers & forecasts:
All current and historic hosted payloads are identified and listed in the Hosted Payload Program Tracker. This tool provides a concise overview of hosted payloads featuring the payload type, launch year, sponsor, manufacturer, host and arrangement.

Case studies have been conducted of five hosted payload programs. Each case study includes:

  • Program overview
  • Stakeholders relationship map
  • Risk allocation matrix
  • Performance assessment
  • Major drivers & inhibitors
  • Key lessons learned

More than 40 interviews with both industry and government representatives

Who will benefit from this report?

  • Satellite Operators
  • Satellite Manufacturers
  • Launch Service Providers
  • Satellite Services Providers
  • Law firms & Insurers
  • Space Agencies & Government Agencies
  • Defense & Security Agencies
  • Science & Research Institutes

Executive Summary

  • Hosted Payload Program Tracker
  • Introduction
  • Global overview
  • North America
  • EU
  • Rest of the World

Case Study Analysis

  • Introduction
  • Comparative analysis
  • IRIS
  • ADF on IS-22

360° Stakeholder Analysis

  • Introduction
  • Consolidated overview (industry versus government)
  • Comparative analysis
  • Satellite & payload manufacturers' perspective
  • Satellite operators' perspective
  • Launchers' perspective
  • Service providers' perspective
  • Law firms & insurers' perspective
  • Space agency & regulators' perspective
  • Defense & security perspective
  • Science & research institutes' perspective

Development Team:

Nathan de Ruiter, Senior Consultant

Susan Irwin, Head, U.S Office


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