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Prospects for Maritime Satellite Communications

Prospects for Maritime Satellite Communications. Sector dynamics, analysis and forecasts for the maritime satcom market. | Published November 2016

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Prospects for Maritime Satellite Communications provides an in-depth view of the sector dynamics, analysis and forecasts for the maritime satcom market. Five comprehensive sections give a detailed analysis of trends and prospects within the major addressable maritime market segments.

Highights from the report:

In 2015 the global maritime satellite communications market reached close to 338,000 terminals, $953 million in revenue at the satellite operator level and $1.7 billion in revenue at the service provider level. The value of the maritime satcom market will continue to grow over the next decade, with a CAGR of 5% in terminals and revenue over the 10-year period. Ever-increasing data communications needs and the massive launch of new generation High Throughput Satellite (HTS) systems are expected to drive growth.

2016 was an important milestone for maritime satellite communications. It marked the entry into service of HTS satellites with a major maritime focus, with the entry into commercial operation of Inmarsat Global Xpress and Telenor's Thor 7 satellite, in addition to the launch of the first two Epic satellites. A number of additional HTS satellites will be launched in the coming years, with maritime satellite capacity expected to reach ~680 Gbps by 2020. This will result in a significant decrease in capacity prices which, along with innovations at the antenna level with the entry into service of flat-panel antennas in 2017, will drive demand for more bandwidth-hungry applications such as big data analytics and video streaming applications.

Strategic issues & forecasts:

  • Maritime satellite infrastructure revenues by technology
  • MSS terminals by application
  • VSAT terminals by frequency band
  • Service providers' revenues
  • Equipment sales
  • Satellite transponder usage
  • Available maritime Ku-band satellite resources


Market dynamics & value chain:

  • Maritime satcom industry value chain
  • FSS & MSS operators
  • Maritime VSAT & MSS equipment manufacturers
  • Impact of international regulatory authorities


Addressable maritime market analysis:

  • Merchant shipping
  • Fishing
  • Passenger ships
  • Leisure vessels
  • Offshore


A must read for:

  • MSS & FSS satellite operators
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Satellite manufacturers
  • Service providers
  • Banks & investors
  • Government agencies



  • The maritime satellite communications market in 2015
  • Maritime MSS: The legacy maritime services
  • Maritime VSAT as a major growth driver
  • Most of the shipping routes are now covered by satellite capacity
  • Large number of Ku- and Ka-band capacity will come online
  • Four types of applications to drive satcom usage in the future
  • Market forecasts to 2025
  • Market forecasts to 2025 - Vertical markets
  • Market forecasts to 2025 - VSAT capacity demand by region



  • The MSS and VSAT competition
  • Inmarsat as the market leader
  • The rise of HTS capacity over maritime regions
  • Service providers play a key role in the value chain
  • Maritime VSAT service providers' market share in 2015
  • Consolidation in the VSAT market
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Regulations
  • Regulations acting as both a driver and an inhibitor



  • Adressable market
  • Emerging countries dominate the market
  • Regional trends
  • Different traffic patters for different types of vessels
  • World merchant vessel traffic
  • The largest maritime satcom market
  • Growth drivers - Crew welfare and ship operations
  • Growth drivers - Regulation and the "Smart Ship"



  • Adressable market
  • Cruise ships
  • Regulations
  • Satcom use on passenger ships
  • Solutions and service providers
  • Forecasts for the passenger ship market



  • Adressable market
  • A seasonal market
  • A highly regional market
  • The charter market
  • Extremely demanding customers
  • Regulations
  • Market forecasts



  • Addressable market
  • Drilling rigs market
  • Offshore production platforms
  • Offshore vessels
  • Satcom usage in the offshore market
  • Satcom's strong competition from other technologies
  • Evolution of market consolidation in the offshore market
  • MSS and VSAT solutions in the offshore market
  • Market drivers
  • Forecasts for the offshore market



  • Addressable market
  • Industrialized fishing vessels
  • Regulations
  • Satcom use in the fishing market
  • MSS solutions in the fishing market
  • VSAT solutions in the fishing market
  • Regulations play a key role in satcom development
  • Market drivers
  • Forecasts for the fishing market


Capucine Fargier, Consultant

Development Team:

Velichka Sapundzhieva, Consultant

Ariel Bruno, Consultant


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