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Satellite-Based Earth Observation: Market Prospects to 2026 Maximize

Satellite-Based Earth Observation: Market Prospects to 2026

Satellite-Based Earth Observation: Market Prospects to 2026. The only source for comprehensive industry analysis & forecasts in the growing EO sector. | Published October 2017

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Now in its 10th edition, Satellite-Based Earth Observation, Market Prospects to 2026 is the only report providing industry forecasts, assessment of business opportunities and analysis of the entire civil & commercial value chain for this growing segment of the satellite industry. It includes a detailed breakdown of application sectors within each region along with consolidated forecasts per application sector and per region.

Key trends, drivers & forecasts

  • Current & forecast market situation to 2026, full assessment of challenges, risks & growth drivers
  • Assessment of commercial opportunities including data and services demand by data typology & sector
  • Assessment of commercial opportunities by satellite manufacturer
  • Detailed assessment of pricing trends
  • Impacts of small satellite solutions along the value-chain

Detailed value-chain analysis

  • Assessment of opportunities & challenges across the industry
  • Upstream & downstream analysis, including: Launch, manufacturers, operators & services
  • Analysis of the EO supply chain, distribution & mechanisms to reach end-users
  • Analysis of government investment, operators, distributors & service providers

Data & services demand

  • Broad analysis of data demand & requirements – drivers & risks for growth
  • Market forecast for EO value-added services
  • Opportunities for data & services growth across regions
  • Developments & markets for UAVs

Satellites launched & forecast

  • Launches from 2007-2016; Expected launches through 2026
  • Satellite imaging characteristics, operator typology, etc.
  • Prime manufacturer/launch service provider/uncontracted satellite missions
  • Detailed breakdown of application sectors within each region
  • Consolidated forecasts per application sector & per region

New in this edition

  • Assessment of baseline & upside market potential for value-added services
  • Detailed comparison of UAV business


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