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China Space Industry Report

A deep-dive analysis of the current Chinese space ecosystem and future expected evolutions. | Published June 2020



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Chinese Space Industry Report provides an in-depth view of the strategic dynamics impacting the Chinese space industry as well as an overview and analysis of the Chinese space ecosystem. It includes a detailed analysis of five sectors with details on each vertical sub-segment. Among the new additions to this year’s research is market sizing across verticals, fundraising for commercial space companies, and inclusion of the increasingly important ground segment and TT&C (telemetry, tracking and command). The research is an essential tool for large aerospace and defense companies, satellite operators and service providers, launch companies, space agencies, and investors who need to understand the competitive landscape and opportunities in the Chinese market. 

Highlights of the report

  • From 2010-2019, China manufactured a total of 401 satellites. Of the 401, 178, or 44%, were launched in 2018 and 2019, as China’s satellite manufacturing and launch capabilities rapidly expanded.
  • There have been 46 rounds of funding for commercial Chinese launcher companies since 2014, with total funding raised of nearly US$1 billion.
  • The 46 funding rounds will go towards the development of more than 20 rockets that are currently being developed by commercial launcher companies in China. Most rockets under development aim to use liquid propellant, a major area of research in China today.
  • Of the more than 20 rockets being developed, at least 7 are expected to make their maiden flight in 2020 or 2021.
  • Commercial Chinese companies have sent 44 earth observation satellites into orbit since 2014, the largest of which was a 1,250kg satellite manufactured by Charming Globe.
  • 2,703 times. This is the number by which Chinese EO applications provider PIEsat’s IPO was oversubscribed by Chinese investors in mid-2019. That is to say, demand for shares was 2,703 times the number of shares offered.
  • Similarly, China Satcom became the most valuable satellite operator in the world by far in 2020, as its share price skyrocketed following a mid-2019 IPO (fivefold increase in 11 months). With a market capitalization of US$11 billion as of May 2020, China Satcom is worth ~3x SES’s market cap, despite revenues of ~1/5 SES’s.
  • China’s share of NGSO filings at the ITU using either Q/V-band, X-band, or S-band has increased from 18% in 2015 to nearly 30% in 2019, representing an increase from 20 filings to 86 filings.
  • Despite being the initial epicentre for Covid-19, the Chinese space industry has seen a rapid comeback in Q2 2020. Several major funding rounds have closed, and multiple launches are being conducted every month.

New in this 2020 Edition 

  • Fundraising information for commercial space companies in China
  • Increased emphasis on broader market trends, decreased emphasis on individual company profiles
  • The most recent analysis (May 2020) about the variety of LEO constellations being developed by China today
  • Inclusion of TT&C/Ground segment section and enhanced analysis of satnav


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