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High Throughput Satellites

High Throughput Satellites: Vertical Market Analysis & Forecasts - 2020 Edition

A vertical market analysis of major drivers, strategic issues and demand take-up for HTS  | Published March 2020

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High Throughput Satellites

HTS capacity supply is on the verge of entering a period of unprecedented near-term expansion, jumping more than ten-fold from 2,100 Gbps at the end of 2019 to 26,500 Gbps by 2024 alone. As opposed to the more regionalized impacts of past HTS supply rollouts, this upcoming boom in supply will have truly global impacts due to the scale, expansive coverage and flexibility of next-generation HTS systems.

Key figures in the report

  • Cumulative HTS capacity revenues of $85 billion over the forecast period (2019-28)
  • >12x growth in HTS supply from 2019 to 2024
  • 26,500 Gbps in HTS capacity supply by 2024
  • 81 HTS system launches from 2004-2018 vs. 2,850 HTS systems from 2019-2024 (99% being from NGSO constellations)
  • 35 satellite operators invested in HTS systems
  • >$15 billion in capital poised to be invested in operational NGSO broadband constellations through 2024
  • >8,000 Gbps of demand across 9 distinct vertical markets

New in this 2020 edition

  • New vertical market splits. Former govt/enterprise market split into rural connectivity, corporate and civil government segments for added granularity.
  • Additional profiles of leading players including GEO operators (Viasat and Inmarsat) and NGSO constellations (Telesat, O3b, SpaceX, OneWeb and Amazon Kuiper)
  • Analysis of the growing trend of managed or vertically integrated service offerings.


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