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Satellites to be Built & Launched by 2028 (2019 Edition) Maximize

Satellites to be Built & Launched by 2028 (2019 Edition)

Satellites to be Built & Launched by 2028 a landmark study in its 22nd edition, is a complete analysis & forecast of satellite manufacturing & launch services | Published November 2019

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6 000,00 €

Satellites to Be Built & Launched by 2028 is a required reading for anyone interested in the business generated by satellite systems and their launches. The report is fully updated, providing all the key figures and analysis needed to understand the global space market, and the future opportunities & challenges.

 Key Features

  • A comprehensive redesign of the report
  • Strategic Outlook industry issues and trends
  • Comprehensive analysis of demand and supply distribution
  • Dozen of graphs highlighting the key figures
  • Global trends, forecasts and benchmarks by orbits, application, mass categories, type of customers and regions
  • Analysis of the demand through three KPIs:  number of satellites, mass to be launched and market value (manufacturing and launch)
    • Detailed market drivers: M&A, new users requirements, GEO comsat orders, satellite flexibility, technical innovation, insurance


  • Satellite supplier analysis
    • Strategic issues
    • Satellite manufacturing overview and trends
    • Financial and revenues of the manufacturing industry
    • Market share between suppliers
    • Satellite platform analysis 
    • GEO and NGSO satellites orders backlog 
    • Profiling of the 12 largest satellite manufacturers  


  • Launch supply analysis
    • Launch industry overview and trends
    • Financial and revenues of the launch industry
    • Market share between suppliers 
    • GEO and NGSO launch orders backlog 
    • Profiling of the 5 largest satellite manufacturers 
    • Launch rate 


  • Commercial, Government civil and defense satellite demand breakdown by:
    • Mass categories
    • Type of organizations
    • Operators’ region
    • Application
    • Orbit
    • Manufacturing and launch value analysis by region, type of customers, type of  providers 


  • Two time periods of reference: 2009-2018 for historical trends and 2019-2028 for forecasts.
  • Extensive satellite database, with thousands of data points, covering supply and demand from 2009 to 2028.


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