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Database of Connected Aircraft

Database of Connected Aircraft. An exhaustive list of more than 20,000 commercial aircraft. | Published September 2019

Single User License: 4,000.00 €
(+ company VAT if located in EU)

Includes the Excel database


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4 000,00 €

Euroconsult’s Database of Connected Aircraft provides an exhaustive list of more than 20,000 commercial aircraft, including information for every commercial aircraft flying in the world. It allows one to determine if the aircraft provides inflight connectivity and the corresponding connectivity solution. 

Included with the purchase of the database are quarterly updates.

This database has been built based on public information and Euroconsult’s knowledge of the market.

The database allows one to see the evolution of connected aircraft on a monthly basis based upon the terms of contracts when the information is made available.

Deliverables include the database Excel file, PPT support file & support Excel for each graph, and the Tableau indicator file.


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