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Satellite-Based Earth Observation: Market Prospects to 2027 Maximize

Satellite-Based Earth Observation: Market Prospects to 2027

Satellite-Based Earth Observation: Market Prospects to 2027. A 360° view of the opportunities and issues related to the Earth observation sector. | Published October 2018

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Now in its 11th edition, Satellite-Based Earth Observation, Market Prospects to 2027 provides an assessment of the current EO value chain, along with forecasts as to how this may evolve leading to 2027. Each aspect of the value chain is taken in turn from government and private investment down to value-added services, providing a full 360° view of the opportunities and issues related to the EO sector and how these trends will progress over the coming 10 years.


Key trends, drivers & forecasts

  • Current & forecast market situation to 2027, full assessment of challenges, risks & growth drivers
  • Assessment of commercial opportunities including data and services demand by data typology & sector
  • Assessment of commercial opportunities by satellite manufacturer
  • Detailed assessment of pricing trends
  • Impacts of small satellite solutions along the value-chain


Detailed value-chain analysis

  • Assessment of opportunities & challenges across the industry
  • Upstream & downstream analysis, including: Launch, manufacturers, operators & services
  • Analysis of the EO supply chain, distribution & mechanisms to reach end-users
  • Analysis of government investment, operators, distributors & service providers

Data & services demand

  • Broad analysis of data demand & requirements – drivers & risks for growth
  • Market forecast for EO value-added services
  • Opportunities for data & services growth across regions
  • Developments & markets for UAVs


Satellites launched & forecast

  • Launches from 2008-2017; Expected launches through 2027
  • Satellite imaging characteristics, operator typology, etc.
  • Prime manufacturer/launch service provider/uncontracted satellite missions
  • Detailed breakdown of application sectors within each region
  • Consolidated forecasts per application sector & per region

New in this edition

  • Updated model for the assessment of baseline & upside market potential for value-added services


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