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FSS Operators: Benchmarks & Performance Review

FSS Operators: Benchmarks & Performance Review, is an in-depth assessment of the key players at the heart of the satellite industry. | Published February 2018

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FSS Operators: Benchmarks & Performance Review is the only assessment of all active and pre-operational FSS operators. The report includes publicly-listed and privately-held companies, global, regional and national operators. The result is a detailed profile of each company, providing exclusive data, expert review, and comprehensive analysis of both complex publicly-available information and hard-to-obtain private information.

Highlights from the report

The size of the FSS market has been relatively stable over the last five years ($11.3B), but behind this total significant changes have played out. The market share of the top four operators has gradually eroded to 60%, while three new companies (YahSat, Thaicom and Insat) have joined the top ten. Twelve new players have emerged in the past five years including three in 2017 (BRI, BulgariaSat and Telebras) for a total of 46 revenue-generating operators at year-end 2017.

The only complete survey of FSS operators

Companies operating or planning to operate a dedicated satellite system for the provision of transmission and broadcasting capacities to third parties are reviewed and analyzed in detail. Each company profile contains the same detailed sections, including:

  • Overview - A mix of performance indicators including total revenue breakdown, regular transponder revenues by region, regular transponders leased by application, number of broadcast channels, number of DTH platforms, video & telecom business ranking
  • Performance - Review and analysis of operator's financial performance over the last five years; total revenue, EBITDA, EBIT, net income, operating cash flow, capex, backlog, etc. Includes results up to 3Q17
  • Key Clients - A commercial overview, followed by an overview of key telecom and video customers, and a list of channels by orbital position
  • Recent News & Strategic Positioning - Recent news and contract announcements, along with strategic positioning
  • Satellite Asset - Includes key supply indicators as of December 2017 such as number of satellites in orbit, available transponders, HTS capacity (GBPS) in orbit, satellites to be launched by 2020, satellites to reach EOL by 2020, average fleet age (in years). Includes both regular and HTS capacity supply (where applicable), by frequency band


Individual profiles analyzing each of the FSS operators:

  • ABE
  • Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS)
  • APT Satellite
  • Arabsat
  • Arsat
  • Asia Satellite
  • Avanti Communications
  • Azercosmos
  • China Satcom
  • Echostar Satellite Services
  • Es'haisSat
  • Eutelsat
  • Gazprom Space Systems
  • Hispasat
  • Indosat
  • Insat/ISRO
  • Intelsat
  • SKY Perfect JSAT
  • KazSat
  • KT Sat
  • Measat
  • Nigcomsat
  • Nilesat
  • Optus
  • Telkom (Indonesia)
  • RSCC
  • SES (including O3b)
  • SingTel
  • Spacecom
  • Star One
  • Telenor
  • Telesat
  • Thaicom
  • Turksat
  • Viasat
  • Vinasat
  • YahSat

Mini Profiles:

  • Angosat
  • Aniara
  • AoneSat
  • Bangabandhu
  • Belintersat
  • BRI
  • BulgariaSat
  • CongoSat
  • Kacific
  • Laosat
  • LeoSat
  • Mexsat
  • NBN
  • Nicasat
  • OneWeb
  • Paksat
  • PSN
  • RascomStar
  • Supremesat
  • TNSA
  • Ukrkosmos
  • Venesat
  • Visiona


New Mini Profiles:

  • ASAL
  • Global IP
  • Cambodia's Royal Group



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