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Over the past 30 years, Euroconsult has maintained an unparalleled expertise in assessing trends in the satellite industry. Euroconsult’s continuous investment in a research program on worldwide satellite markets has allowed the development of proprietary databases and forecast models that are central to the publication of thematic research reports.
Our research is used each year in more than 50 countries by government agencies and private stakeholders. Our customers range from world leading entities to SMEs and startup companies. We are particularly proud to be a recurrent supplier to:
• 4 of the top 5 space agencies (over 50 in total)
• 5 of the top 5 space manufacturers (over 100 in total)
• 5 of the top 5 satellite operators (over 40 in total)
• Over 30 satellite service providers

Extensive Figures & Analysis

All Euroconsult reports have, at their core, data derived from over 30 years of tracking all levels of the satellite/space value chain. To this we add dozens of dedicated industry interviews each year, along with the continueal refinement of our data models, and the collection and interpretation of company press releases and financial filings. Our consultants have decades of experience interpreting and analyzing our proprietary databases in light of the broader value chain.

When you purchase research from Euroconsult, you receive thousands of data points and the expert interpretation of what this means for specific verticals and sectors of the satellite value chain, including forecasts based on years of data and highly refined models.


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