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Trends & Prospects for Emerging Space Programs

2013 Edition

  • 43 Pages
  • 46 Full page graphs
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An in-depth analysis of the key drivers, activities and challenges for emerging space programs hosting 1st or 2nd generation satellites


This Euroconsult Executive Brief (EB) benchmarks emerging space programs by analyzing strategies for operational development, key drivers for undertaking space activities and the challenges and inhibitors faced during implementation. In addition, the report assesses the procurement framework of space assets, the positioning of industry suppliers and forecasts the size of the space activity associated with emerging space programs.


  • New report format, including over 40 tables/graphs
  • Benchmark on strategies, key drivers, benefits and challenges
  • Assessment of procurement framework, industry suppliers and space activity
  • Profile and orientations of investments and assets
  • Investment forecasts, program development case studies
  • Forecast scenario for space investment in fast-growing economies


Trends and Prospects of Emerging Space Programs is a focused analysis built on several core
elements including:

  • The expertise of our consulting team
  • A dedicated interview process with six public and private organizations directly involved in the regional markets assessed
  • The review of hard-to-obtain public information – reports from government organizations, financial reports, press releases, articles and other sources
  • Our participation in over 30 international events per year in the different world regions

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