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Providing expertise & strategic support to the global satellite industry

Euroconsult is the leading international consulting and analyst firm specialized in satellite applications, communications, and digital broadcasting.  Our analysts provide strategic, financial and regulatory assessment for space-related activities.

Recognized by industry leaders at each step of the value chain

With over 500 clients in 50 countries, Euroconsult has become a partner to satellite industry leaders.  Clients entrust their confidential strategic projects to Euroconsult, and rely on our reports and forecasts in their planning.

Our clients  include the leading satellite operators and service providers; satellite manufacturers and launch service providers; equipment providers and integrators; government agencies; media and broadcasting companies; and banks and investors.



 We provide this expertise to clients through three specific activities:
• Customized consulting projects, designed to respond to clients' specific needs
• Research reports and other strategic decision making-tools
• Summits, bringing together the industry's leaders